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Women in Mining and Resources Mongolia is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the advancement of women in the mining and minerals sector as well as raising awareness of the sector as a fulfilling career choice for women.

Our success has and will always be predicated on the dedicated board members who support this mission and donate their time, connections and resources. Without them, we would not be able to progress the diversity and inclusion agenda or help women develop their professional and career aspirations in the industry.

Board Members

Ariuntungalag Mangaljav.jpg

Ariuntungalag Mangaljav


Anudari Enkhbaatar.jpg

Anudari Enkhbaatar

Board Member

Bolor Sainjargal.jpg

Bolor Sainjargal

Board Member

Enkhtsetseg Ganbold.jpg

Enkhtsetseg Ganbold

Board Member

Enkhtuya Tsetsegsuren.jpg

Enkhtuya Tsetsegsuren

Board Member

Khaliun Munkhbayar.jpg

Khaliun Munkhbayar

Board Member

Lkhamaa Yondon.jpg

Lkhamaa Yondon

Board Member

Nominzul Tsetsgee.jpg

Nominzul Tsetsgee

Board Member

Sarangerel Bayarsaikhan.jpg

Sarangerel Bayarsaikhan

Board Member

Tuul Batbayar.jpg

Tuul Batbayar

Board Member


Tsengel Nyamaa

Board Member

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