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rar - 4.4 MB. D16.Group.LuSH-101.v1.1.2.NINTENDO.rar - 4.4 MB. D16 Group Audio Software LuSH 101 v1.0.1 R2R R2R.58. Incl.Keygen-R2R.rar - 19.8 MB D16.Group.. Group.​LuSH-101.v1.1.2.MAC.rar - 4.4 MB. D16.Group.LuSH-101.v1.1.2.NINTENDO.rar - 4.4 MB.Q: PHP MYSQL return empty array I have a page that retrieves data from a MySQL table. I'm looking to return an array that contains the value of each row from the database, but if there are no rows it will return an empty array. Here's the code I'm using, but it's returning an empty array if there are no records in the database: $query = "SELECT * FROM clients"; $stmt = $db->prepare($query); $result = $stmt->execute(); $client_names = array(); while($row = $stmt->fetch()){ $client_names[] = $row['firstname']. " ". $row['lastname']; } return $client_names; A: The problem is that if there are no rows, $stmt->fetch() will return false. This means that the loop will never be entered and so $client_names will remain empty. You can change your code to this: while ($row = $stmt->fetch()){ (CNN) — Southwest Airlines, American and other airlines have a new version of a green plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. But this summer, it won't be a new initiative; it'll be in place for the first time.




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D16 Group Audio Software LuSH 101 V101 R2R R2Rrar wendlovi

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